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Angelina Herbal Therapy Feminine Care Pads

Php 450.00

Fast-acting, herb-infused feminine care pads that relieve itching, prevent infection, eliminate odor, and maintain the overall health of your vaginal area

What are they: These all-natural care pads are infused with healing herbs that are safe to use everyday, post-delivery, or right after your period to keep your feminine area well protected, healthy, and fresh. They’re suitable for various gynecological problems such as vulvar dermatitis, vaginitis, cervicitis, pelvic inflammation, annex inflammation, and others. They also promote healing and recovery from childbirth, miscarriage, or other wounds.

Why they are special: These care pads contain antipruritic and antibacterial properties that effectively cleanse and nourish the vaginal area. The invigorating herbs provide a cooling sensation to keep you feeling fresh and clean all day.

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